a photographers guide to an effective and efficient 

Client Workflow

The ultimate guide walking you through an effective and effective client workflow. The Client Workflow Guide was designed for creatives who are feeling overburdened, overwhelmed, and burnt out— for the folks who wish they could spend more time pouring into the heart of their business through perfecting their art and nurturing client relationships. 

Topics we will cover

The Importance
Email Templates
Smart Files

Contact Form
Client Portal
Handling an Inquiry
Brief Overview

What's Included

aIncluded is a 90 minute verbal walkthrough curating a professional client workflow through HoneyBook, a 'hands on' demonstration of HoneyBook and all of it's features, six email templates, six professionally designed HoneyBook Smart Files including an Investment Guide, Proposal, Questionnaire, & More


I cannot tell you how worth the investment this Client Workflow Guide by Piper is! I had gone nearly 4 months without booking a single wedding…. a photographer’s nightmare. Something needed to change— but I had no idea what changing my client workflow on Honeybook would do for my business. After just a month of using Piper’s methods, I booked four weddings, all of which booked my highest package or several add-one. Not only was I booking more weddings, but I was making MORE money. And I now spend less time with inquiries, and more time with my actual clients. This truly saved my business and I am forever greatful!

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- Anna Horst, Anna Rose Co

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