November 19, 2022

Taylor & Josh

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I’m overwhelmed with words while attempting to convey the pure beauty that filled this wedding day- there simply are no words adequate enough to describe the love that was present. Taylor and Josh decided to ditch the big wedding day, and gather their closest friends and family for the unification and celebration of their marriage at Taylors grandparent’s house. I watched as grandmas cooked casseroles and baked breads in the kitchen, moms decorated tables with china and florals, dads set up tents and built a beautiful ceremony space. It was simple, yet one of the most breathtaking weddings I have ever had the privilege of documenting. I feel as if I was taken back, to a time when weddings were less performative, and were truly about love, and family. How beautiful it was to watch family come together to curate the most special, and intimate wedding day. The skies were dark with summer storm clouds, and it rained for the majority of the day. However, the rain cleared and the sun came out only minutes before the ceremony took place— light beamed over Taylor and Josh as they became one— what a beautiful testament to the Lord’s faithfulness. 


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